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In December 2009, Jenny Stewart, Micheal Espinito and Mike Coletta (UFO GEEK) will begin what they hope will be a major breakthrough within the research of paranormal occurrences.


What is the Ghost Box Experiment?

Participants in this experiment will receive various clips and questions over the life of the project. Each participant will be instructed to turn the ghost box on at specific times and in some cases, at specific locations such as a grocery store parking lot. They will be instructed to play a particular clip or ask a specified set of questions of their ghost box. During the "active" ghost box time, every participant within the experiment will have their ghost box on and will be conducting identical actions while recording the session.


Who can participate?

Anyone, anywhere who has, or agrees to purchase, a "ghost box".


How do I become a participant in the experiment?

Simply email us at, including your name, a way to contact you and the model number and type of ghost box you will be using if you are interested in participating in this experiment.


If I am selected to participate, what will I be asked to contribute or agree to and how much of my time?

If you are selected to participate, you will be expected to:

  • conduct a maximum of 3 monthly ghost box sessions at designated times/locations for 6 consecutive months
  • follow all instructions given by those conducting the experiment in relation to times/locations to hold each session and scripts to be followed during each event
  • submit your audio recording to experiment administrators immedicately following each session
  • keep all data and other information about the experiment confidential


A little about those conducting the experiment...

Jenny Stewart

Jenny has dedicated many hours of research to the use of a "ghost box" and is one of the leading authorities in the country on the ghost box and its use. Jenny believes that the box provides us with valuable information to use within the field of paranormal research.

Michael Esposito

Michael Esposito is a specialized audio scientist in the area of Electronic Voice Phenomenon. A former Psy-ops officer in Iraq, Michael has both a technical background and understanding of the human mind. Michael Esposito is the co-star of the popular 'DVD Dead Whisper' and gives talks on Ghost Hunting using scientific technology that is more and more proving the existence of the afterlife. The realm of the 'paranormal' is rooted in quantum mechanics.

Mike Coletta

Many know Mike as the UFO Geek. Mike has modified and utilized the ghost box more than anyone else in the country. Mike is an inventor as well as a researcher. You can find more information about Mike and his inventions at