Some stuff that isn't going to display anyway.

Investigation Overview

The Henryton State Hospital is a complex of abandoned buildings located in Marriottsville, Maryland. Opened in the early 1920's as the Henryton Sanitarium, this facility served as a hospital for African American tuberculosis patients. In the mid-1960's it became the Henryton State Hospital for mentally disabled adults and children. It closed in 1985, and has been sitting vacant ever since.


The Case Results

We are still in the process of going through hours of video, audio, and photographic recordings, and will be posting our findings here. Here are just a few examples of the exciting evidence we collected:

Pre-Investigation on 9/22/08

On a pre-investigation visit, Dave and Jenny did a ghost box session in the driveway leading to the Henryton State Hospital.

Actual Investigation - October 24 - 25, 2008

  • Ghost Harmonica? - While in the main hospital building, two of our investigators were singing "Amazing Grace." In the background you can hear what sounds like a harmonica.

This photo was taken by one of our investigators. She didn't realize at the time that someone was looking back at her from the window!

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