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Investigation Overview

The Witches Castle is an abandoned residential property located in Utica, Indiana. Between July and September 2008, PRRS has spent approximately 42 hours investigating this site due to the many rumors of paranormal activity surrounding it. The property cannot be reached by car - one must park nearby and walk through rough terrain to get there. It has also been rumored that devil worshipping used to take place there.

Some of the investigators present included Jenny Stewart, David Erickson, Amber Welsh, Jordan Butcher, and John Bailey.

About the Investigation

The Witches Castle is located in Utica, Indiana, a very small town that sits along the Ohio River. It has long stood as a myth to many that live in the surrounding areas. It is not uncommon to see others ready to make the climb up as you are exiting the entrance to the path.

The lure for some is the legend of the three witches who are rumored to be the founders of the town. It is said that the townspeople became furious with the witches and ultimately killed them. There is no proof that this actually occurred, however there are records to indicate that two murders did take place there around the turn of the century, as well as a suicide in the late 1950's.

During the investigations conducted by PRRS on this property, contact was made through the ghost box to several ghosts claiming to be held there by some evil force. It is the belief of the investigation team that there is indeed something evil there. This belief is based on evidence collected from the four ghost box sessions held at the Witches Castle, as well as the appearance of a full-bodied shadow apparition witnessed by the investigators.

According to Jenny Stewart, lead investigator, "Something evil or possibly malevolent remains there and it is my hope and the hope of the team to discover just what it is." She also went on to explain that PRRS has received numerous requests to be escorted to the Witches Castle. "I cannot put others in harms way until we determine what remains there for certain," said Jenny.

There are posted signs that warn of "No Trespassing" and police do watch the area.

Witches Castle is an ongoing investigation.

The Case Results

Over the course of the investigation, much evidence was gathered to indicate that the Witches Castle is indeed haunted. But don't just take our word for it - check out the evidence below and decide for yourself!

Ghost Box Session 1 - Listen to our first Ghost Box session at the Witches Castle - 8/9/08

To hear more about our investigations at the Witches Castle, check out the following PRRS radio shows on