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What is a Ghost Box?

A ghost box is a communication tool used by some investigators to speak to the other side. Typically, a ghost box is a modified portable AM/FM radio that continously scans the band. When on, it is believed to create white noise and audio remnants from broadcast stations that entities are able to manipulate to create words and even entire sentences.


Which do PRRS use?

Radio Shack 12-469

The model 12-469 was the first ghost box that PRRS used. This model will make a clicking sound while scanning through the band. It is very small in size, which makes it convenient for taking along on an investigation, but one downside is that it does not have a built-in speaker. This model is preferred by our team leader, Jenny Stewart, because she believes the clicking sound makes it easier for them to communicate and for us to hear in realtime. This mod requires a small screwdriver and a pair of small wire cutters.

Radio Shack 12-150

This model was the second ghost box that PRRS used. We found that after the modification it was useless on the AM band, but it worked really well on the FM band. One problem with FM, however, is that there are significantly more active stations than AM, which can sometimes cause too many audio remnants, making it difficult to pick out actual communication. This model is a little bit larger than the picture leads you to believe, but it does come with a shoulder strap. It can run off of A/C or batteries, and has a nice and really loud speaker built in. This mod requires a screwdriver and a pen knife or exacto blade.

Radio Shack 12-587

The 12-587 is small and compact like the 12-469 but with one added bonus - a built-in speaker. This speaker works pretty well and it does work on AM or FM after the mod. This mod is by far the easiest, only requiring a screwdriver to complete. This would be the perfect ghostbox, except for two fatal flaws. The first flaw is that it scans too slowly. This makes more audio remnants come through and we believe it makes it more difficult for entities to communicate. The second flaw is that the radio has a tendancy to stop scanning after a while for some unknown reason. Due to this and the slow scan rate, PRRS no longer uses this radio.

Jensen SAB-55

The Jensen SAB-55 is a small armband AM/FM radio. On it's own the ghostbox modification is very simple to do as it only requires cutting or pulling one purple wire off the circuit board and its really simple to find. It does have one problem though. It is just as bad as 12-587 for scan rate and thus makes it a really horrible choice for a ghostbox on it's own. Thanks to information from Steve Hultay who discovered the Turbo hack for this radio, it scans faster than 12-469 and we have gotten some really impressive results from this one. The turbo hack only appears to work on AM. The turbo hack was done by putting a toggle switch inline that will effectively hold down one of the scan buttons. This modification is slightly more complex involving a soldering iron, careful percision soldering as there are surface mount devices on the circuit board and a little creative cutting of the chasis. It unfortunately due to its size does not have a built in speaker but when used with an external amplified speaker works really well. You can also do a private session using your headphones that come with it. This is also the cheapest radio I have modified as a ghostbox. It comes in at a nice affordable price of $15 and the switch is under $2.50.

If you are interested in obtaining your own ghostbox or would like some guidance on how to do the modifications feel free to contact Dave Erickson at

PRRS is currently in the process of designing and developing their own ghost box.


What has been the most memorable thing you have heard from the box?

  • Jenny Stewart - for me, I think it would have to be getting the message from who we believed to be my late husband saying "I love you".

  • Doctor Dave - I would have to say that when I asked why they were calling me an a**hole the response I got was, "You do not entertain us."

What was the scariest thing you have heard come from the box?

  • Jenny Stewart - It would have to be the first session we ever conducted. We were at the Witches Castle in Utica, Indiana and a very dark sounding voice told me not to mess with it and then called me a "red bitch" and I have stated it a lot nicer than the entity did.

  • Doctor Dave - Unfortunately, I can't really discuss that yet as it is part of the documentary Secret Sacrifices.

What would you like others to know about the box and its use?

  • Jenny Stewart - The ghost box is not for everyone and people need to understand that without proper training it can be dangerous. The ghost box is real time communication and it is believed that when you are getting responses the entities you are communicating with are there with you. I tell others to not do ghost box sessions in residential homes, especially in homes they are investigating a possible negative or malevolent presence, or you could be setting the client up for something far worse than what they were experiencing before the session. The Ghost box is not a toy period and it can have consciences with the use of it.

  • Doctor Dave - I couldn't agree more with Jenny on this one. This is a tool for use by experienced paranormal investigators only. While it may be fun, without experience and training you could be biting off more than you can chew.

Ghost Box

The Erickson Residence in Mount Airy, MD - 9/13/08

The Erickson Residence in Mount Airy, MD - 9/21/08

  • Coming In Clear - Jenny tells the spirits that,"You're coming in pretty clear!" Can you hear the response from this very polite spirit?
  • Don't Ask - When Jenny asks if the spirits have a message, the response is very quick - "Don't ask!"
  • Hello Jenny
  • How Many Spirits? - The spirits give confirmation that Dave and Jenny have heard them correctly.
  • We're Dead - Ghosts can have a sense of humor, too! When asked if anyone has a message to pass along, the reply is very clear,"We're dead."
  • How Many Wish to Harm Us? - Apparently Dave and Jenny had upset 7 spirits that day!
  • You're A Really Bad Man

The Galt House in Louisville, KY

  • How Did You Die? - Believing they are speaking with Danny Johnson, Jenny's late husband, the investigators ask how he died. They receive a response of, "hot diesel." Danny had been burned by hot diesel fuel, and while he was in the hospital recovering from his injuries, he contracted the infection (MRSA) that led to his death.
  • I Miss You Honey
  • Are You Happy? - Investigators ask if the person with them is happy. See if you can hear their answer!
  • Is There a Message? - Jenny asks if Danny has a message for her, and the response is, "I love you."
  • Let Him Talk - A spirit implores the other spirits to, "Let him talk, please!"
  • Wait 'Til You See How Its Done

The Howard Steamboat Museum

Unknown location - 9/17/08

Residential Investigation (Southern Maryland) - 10/31/08